Friday, March 6, 2009


We were hoping to catch the return boat back to Ushuaia the morning after finishing the trek, but due to some problems with what were told was government papers and permission to sail between Ushuaia and Puerto Williams, our boat back to Argentina was delayed indefinately. We spent a few days bumming around Puerto Williams, waiting for papers and alot of books, played some chess, cooked with what good vegetables we could find, had some good conversations with other travelers, and took naps by the fire at the hostel. We made it back to Ushuaia, and we are currently on a bus back up north to see the mighty Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. We will be out of communication for a few days.

A few pictures in the meantime...

Manning up to the Manjar jar.

From Dientes

View from Puerto Williams.

From Dientes

I´m too sexy for this shirt, too sexy for these gafas del sol...

From Dientes

I used to like chess. Playing with someone who takes 20 minutes between each move cured me of that. I have alot of pictures of a chess board from one game.

From Dientes

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  1. did you get a haircut? it looks a lot shorter.
    I send my love to you guys, take care!