Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Madrid is a very fine city, but it ain't no Rivendell

Despite the best efforts of the barrowights, also known as Air France, your two adventurers and their Great Burdens arrived in Madrid.

Ando argued mightily with the Wights that they leave us in Rivendell, aka Paris, but it was for naught. $1800 must be abandoned, p.p., for the privilege of getting off the plane early in Paris. That they left one of our bags to marinate overnight and closed the boarding of our plane 15 minutes before scheduled in Rivendell, I can only theorize, was to punish us for the asking.

But yes, Madrid. Quite nice.

Lots of parks, an absurdly extensive subway, and strangely desolate, due to Semana Santa (note foreshadowing)

We did some more investigating and found that Alsa would help carry our Great Burdens by auto-coach towards France, via way of Girona. They were intact, mostly. So we built them, mostly. Then we pushed them, cajoled them up stairs, held them while speaking in soothing tones on train and subway (they spook easily in crowds), did delicate ballet to corral them onto elevators. Then dumped them in the luggage hold of a bus.

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  1. YAHOO! Don't forget to count the number of self-sustaining manors that you can dead-eye in transport. I hear that the record is 78. But with your ability to use statistics, perhaps you can extrapolate a higher variance with a large degree of certainty.

    You guys sure know how to make counting fun!